Terms and conditions

This Agreement sets forth all rights and obligations with respect to OurGFX, its users and its affiliate sites, those who interact with the Website’s services without being logged in and registered. Please note that OurGFX has the right to change the terms of this Agreement from time to time as deemed appropriate by the company’s management.

The contents of the site follow the standard usage license according to each of our service providers

About the contents of the site

    The site tries very hard to ensure that the content:

All paid files can be used according to the standard usage license of the site to which it belongs, and you can review the standard rights of each site through the service provider (example: Shutterstock Shutterstock Terms of Service & License Agreements )

The absence of advertising content, or spam that annoys the user while browsing.

Can't do that in OurGFX

  • Change the name of your account registered with it because the site’s operations are completely linked to it.
  • Request to completely delete your account “if it contains a wallet balance and downloaded files”
  • Register with more than one account on the site.
  • Buying the work and then selling it again according to the standard terms of use of each site.
  • Request to restore or withdraw the amount that was filled out on the site or part of it.
  • Your account is banned when you hack any of the site’s content.
  • Doing strange and suspicious movements within the site “such as changing your information or writing codes”

OurGFX reserves the right to freeze or permanently suspend the user's account if it is used in illegal ways

    Examples of these uses include:
  • Using a payment method that is stolen or not owned by the user
  • Requesting the implementation of services in violation of the terms of use, attempting to swindle or steal on the site or one of the users.
  • Try to register with more than one account.
  • site abuse.

OurGFX sales policy

  • The price of files from service providers varies and does not carry a single model or method.
  • The price of the files is finally determined by the management of the company that owns the site.
  • Discounts and coupons are determined by the management of the company that owns the site, according to our publishing policy.
  • The account may be deleted from the site if it violates the terms without prior notice

OurGFX Upload and Use of Files Policy

  • Downloading and using files from our supported service providers is the user’s responsibility.
  • The site is not responsible for how the files are used or the methods used, which is the user’s responsibility.
  • The site has no legal responsibility in the event that the forbidden files are used in a way that violates the law or the provisions of Islamic Sharia, but it is the user’s responsibility.

Cases of service interruptions, omissions and errors

The site administration makes every effort to ensure and maintain the continuation of the website’s operation without problems, despite that there may be errors, omissions, interruptions and delays in the service at any time, and in such cases we will expect users to be patient until the service returns to the normal state.

Update this terms and conditions

Make sure to check this page from time to time for any update related to the use and terms and conditions of our site, when we update one of the terms, we apply it and deal with it immediately, as we usually inform users in one of the means of communication about the update of this terms, but please note that It is your responsibility to check and review these terms from time to time.

OurGFX Terms and Conditions – Version V.01 – Application Date: 12/01/2020