Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can access some common questions from members, and if you do not find your question, you can contact us via contact methods Click Here


What is OurGFX ?

OurGFX is considered to be the first platform in the Mena region providing the perfect kits for the perfect design.

With over 25 graphic stock suppliers, we guarantee you the highest quality and best prices.

Photos, Vector Files, Footage & Soundtracks from Shutterstock & various websites are now budget-friendly.

You just have to copy the link you want to download & paste it on OurGFX to get your file instantly as our customer satisfaction is our responsibility.

How does OurGFX works ?

By copying the required link from your preferred service provider’s website (ex. Shutterstock) and pasting it into our search bar for instant download.

How to use OurGFX ?

You can watch this Guide Video or just apply the following steps:

– Create an account. SIGN UP NOW 

– Charge your wallet & choose your price plan

– Choose any of the websites we support (ex. Shutterstock)

– Copy the link of the file or image you need.

– Paste the file link in OurGFX search bar & enjoy an instant download.

Wallet and pricing plans

Is there a monthly subscription ?

No. Our platform works through a wallet system for each account. This means that by charging your balance you can immediately download.

Is there an expiry date for the wallet balance?

No, you can use your balance at any time.

What is meant by the wallet system?

It is the balance you have in your personal account that you can use to choose the price plan suiting you the best and take advantage of it at any time.

How many images can i download ?

As much as you need depending on recharging your wallet balance.

For example,

Your wallet balance = 1000 pounds

Picture cost = 10 pounds

Number of pictures you can downloads = 100 pictures

you can review prices from Here

How much for one photo ?

It varies from one website to another. Review the price table Click Here

Can I purchase single image or file without charging the wallet balance ?

You can purchase files separately by placing their links into our search bar and selecting a service provider ( Ex.: Shutterstock ) and then choosing a payment method.

What are the advantages of charging my account balance ?

  • 50% discount on all files (In reference to the pricing table below)
  • No expiry date for the amount.
  • Instant download (just copy the link, select the service provider, and paste it into our search bar)
  • Save all downloaded files in your account for further use.

Do prices vary according to the images' quality?

All prices are the same because we provide you with the highest quality on all supported websites.

Can I download unlimitedly ?

Unfortunately not, you either purchase separately or through charging your wallet.

Copy rights and payment methods

Do we support other websites than Shutterstock?

Yes, more than 25 websites. Review here

What copyrights do we support ?

We only support the standard license to use, and you can review its terms from the service providers’ websites.

Can I get my downloaded photos again ?

Yes, we save them for you on the “downloads” page in your personal account.

What payment methods are available ?

From inside Egypt you can use:

– VISA / Master Card

– Prepaid Card (MEEZA)

– Telecom companies e-Wallets (Vodafone Cash – Orange Cash – Etisalat Cash – We Cash)

From outside Egypt you can use:

– VISA / Master Card

– SADAD service for electronic payments